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heART-Filled Racial Justice:
Exploring our stories
                                   Thursdays 7-8:30pm November 4th - December 2nd

Drop-in Support for Addressing Racial Justice Among Quakers
1st Wednesdays 7-8:30pm ET
3rd Mondays 5-6:30pm ET

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“LJ provides a rich and caring environment in which participants are encouraged to explore deep questions. One does not need to be an artist to enjoy these sessions...playing with art materials simply makes it possible to access parts of the brain and soul that are sometimes hidden to us. This is heARTwork.” 

                                           ~ Rebecca B.

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Event Information

In a nurturing and supportive environment, explore the wisdom of your own inner landscape and the power of art journaling to help you process life.  This collective and spiritual experience illuminates life's deep themes. Through both a gentle flow and silently witnessing each other, you'll experience the invitation to shift perspectives and gain insights.  

What participants have to say about heART Journaling with LJ:

“The sheer beauty of seeing how someone creates and describes their experience in such a non-judgmental and vulnerable state creates compassion in me. Then I can feel some of that towards myself.”

“I experienced permission, freedom and gentle encouragement to go further in exploring and sharing.”

“I really appreciate hearing others say my truth in words I can’t quite articulate. It’s the Zeitgeist we are all experiencing in similar ways.”

​Sessions description:

​​Each group session will begin with an introduction to a simple art lesson you can choose to incorporate into your art journaling time. Then relax into a guided meditation and the meditative flow of creation. From a space of listening, open to Spirit’s guidance as a way of creating what you most need to express or remember in this moment. We will close with an opportunity for those who are inspired to share from your heart. If no one is moved to share, we’ll simply enjoy the gifts of a meditative space.

​​No matter your level of artistic skill, no matter your previous relation to spirituality, you may be surprised at what emerges when you allow yourself to relax into creative flow. You can attend as many of these workshops as you'd like to!

​​Things to know:

  • ​These classes will be held on Zoom.​

  • ​This series is not sequential. Drop in to as many as you like.

  • ​Please bring a journal (or paper) and any art materials that you’d like to work with (this can simply be a pen or pencil).

  • ​Also, please ensure you have a quiet space to create.

To sign up email lj@spiritheals.me for the Zoom link.

To pay as much or as little as you are so led: lj@spiritheals.me on PayPal.


Exploring Personal Stories About Race 

For anyone of any racial/ethnic identity who feels drawn to both exploring one’s own internal relationship to race and witnessing others’ stories no matter where they are in their journey of understanding. The structure is designed to support the groups’ co-creation of an open-hearted, creative and collective space that honors each individual’s experience and thoughts without judgment.  In this way, at your own pace you can invite release of stuck and painful racialized places in yourself and/or further understand your own story in relation to our collective experience of race.


After an introduction to sessions theme, participants will be invited to relax into a guided meditation, followed by the flow of art journaling. From a space of listening, there will be time to open to Spirit’s guidance as a way of creating what most needs to be expressed or remembered in this moment. For those who are inspired, there will be ample time to share the spiritual crux of their stories and/or drawings. The group will lovingly and silently witness. We will close, with a round of setting intentions/prayerful discernment of next steps.


Please bring a journal (or paper) and any art materials that you’d like to work with (this can simply be a pen or pencil) and ensure you have a quiet space to reflect, create and share.

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In Quaker meetings across New England, we are building our capacity to understand and address white supremacy culture and its impact within our meetings. Whether your meeting is wondering where to begin or is deeply engaged in building your capacity to work towards dismantling racism, how are you led to nurture your meeting?  


These drop in sessions will be an experimental and emergent time for sharing and mutual support. There will be opportunity for some combination of worship sharing, conversation, and/or short clearness processes to test out ideas. 


We found gathering together fulfills a deep longing in us to hear what other meetings are doing and experience the hope and joy of our collective power and movement towards transformation. Please consider joining us.


Telling the Unvarnished truth
of the Massachusetts bay colony

Slavery and segregation were not just in the South. The slave economy in New England was brought in by the Massachusetts Bay Colony and segregation still existed in our area as recently as 1964.
​In this event, Nur Shoop of the Black Heritage Trail of New Hampshire will tell us some of the unvarnished black history of our region from the slave trade to civil rights. She will tell stories of resilience, versatility and courage. It is essential to acknowledge and know our past in order to understand and address the systemic inequities and continued racial struggles in our society.

​After Nur's presentation, LJ Boswell will offer us a guided opportunity for participants to reflect and process.
​Nur Shoop is a Sankofa Scholar and lead tour guide with the Black Heritage Trail of New Hampshire and has been with BHTNH 8 years. Nur runs the "Thirst for Freedom tour," which focuses on the Portsmouth area's slave economy through the civil rights movement. An experienced tour guide, Nur has developed key strategies for sharing and interpreting conflicting histories, and is certified as a guide by the National Association for Interpretation (https://www.interpnet.com). Learn more at: https://blackheritagetrailnh.org/sankofa-guided-walking-tours/