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Upcoming events

Most events are online and have a sliding scale starting at $0

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​"Most book groups are a conversation with the author's ideas. LJ creates a conversation about how the book speaks to each of our lives." ~Sara Lewis, all about love book group participant

​"LJ created a dynamic of tenderness, quiet pacing and presence. In every session someone's sharing would brighten or expand my sense of connection to that well of love."      ~Cristina Garcia, all about love book group participant 

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Working towards racial healing can often feel isolating, frustrating, confusing. Working with others in your monthly meeting can be fruitful but also may be limited in your collective expertise.

​We've found that in gathering together we have access to a wider source of wisdom and perspectives. We share our stories, hear others, learn from each other and listen to where Spirit/God is leading us. Through this emergent process we feel uplifted, inspired, renewed.

Bi-monthly on Sundays 5-6:30pm ET

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