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a space for you

Now Available for Individual and Group Online Sessions

Do you feel a sense of dis-ease?


Is it challenging to process the grief of this pandemic and our political climate? 

Is it difficult to recognize your own and other’s suffering?

Do you long for more spiritual well-being?

Do you feel pressure to be someone you’re not?

Do live at the intersections of marginalized and privileged identities?

Have you survived trauma, systemic oppression, addiction?

Perhaps shame, guilt, doubt, fear, pride, or perfectionism keep you from expressing all that you are?​

Are you struggling with ways to talk about racism and injustice with friends and family? Perhaps you're white and feeling the discomfort of what you are beginning to understand about racism in the U.S.?

Do you feel the scars of growing up in a religious context that did not embrace and nurture your divine self?

Do you struggle to find a sense of Spirit/God/Higher Power/The Divine?

You are not alone. You are not the only one.

We all carry the pain of living in this unjust society. We have all been taught to deny parts of ourselves in order to survive and maintain our society's systemic oppression.


We all need spaces and tools to process, reflect and improve our spiritual well-being.

This is the nourishing and transformative space at the intersection of spirituality and social justice.

at the Intersection of spirituality and social Justice

Spirtuality & Social Justice

There is space for you

Individual Sessions

A space for you

to explore the next steps

on your life's journey.

sacred spaces and rituals

A space for you to create 

your own sacred spaces and personal rituals.

Group rituals for Weddings, Funerals, Memorials and other customized offerings.

I'll meet you where you are

What’s your unique story? I’m curious to get to know you and support you further along your path to embracing the life that brings you fully alive.


Whether your current Seeking is focused on your relationship with yourself, your immediate community, the larger world, or with your sense of the Divine/God/Spirit, using the lens of your own life, I listen deeply and provide a sacred and supportive space for you to explore the next steps on your life’s journey.

If you take a step towards loving yourself more fully in a system that tells you you are not enough;


If you take a step towards deepening your faith and relationship with Spirit/ God who’s true calling is for all of us to be whole and fully who we are;

If you take a step towards taking responsibility for the privilege you embody that implicitly and unintentionally harms others;


If you take a step towards ensuring all people have the resources and support to live a life full of our potential and gifts


Then no matter how you frame the conversation, no matter the words we use to discuss it,  you are doing both the spiritual and anti-oppressive work of healing, coming alive and creating change in a system that demands otherwise.

A space for you

to grow and learn with others.



 & Groups

Art As

Spiritual Practice

A space for you

to access your creative flow 

and inform your Spirit.

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