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Colorful Flags

towards liberation

Explore how to intentionally shift your perspective.

This chart is a tool for naming the patterns that we have been unconsciously conditioned to enact.  My work is to implicitly and sometimes explicitly accompany folks who desire to shift their lives towards living more consciously in alignment with our individual and collective liberation.


  • Serves hierarchical power
    (ie power over)

  • Limits the possibility of change.

  • Individual is valued based on what they produce

  • Risk taking discouraged w/ judgement & calling-out

  • Pressure to be correct

  • Shame, guilt, & perfectionism as tools to maintain status quo.

  • Limited and expected outcomes

  • Focus on product

  • Harsh pressure to fit in

  • Motivated by fear of failure and scarcity

  • Dis-embodied denial & minimization

  • Focused on intellect and written word

  • Isolates & dehumanizes 


  • Serves equitable (ie power with) dynamics.

  • Encourages reflection, growth & transformation.

  • Unconditional acceptance of each person's inherent worth

  • Risk taking encouraged by inviting/calling-in

  • Curiosity about possibilities, mistakes as opportunities 

  • Supports exploration and individual agency supported

  • Multitude of possibilities

  • Focus on relationship

  • Gentle & Inclusive

  • Motivated by compassion, love and abundance

  • Fully embodied and present

  • Values all types of knowing and understanding

  • Interconnection, sense of belonging & community

An origin story 

~a work in progress: coming soon!~

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