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Healing Arts practices
Letting our Hearts Speak Visually

None of my other art groups bring me to be this introspective. I wish I were more artistic, but LJ helps us move past the need to critique our work. The story is the message. 

~Donna, Seattle WA

heART journaling allows me to tap into the magic of the everyday. I don’t mean rabbit-in-a-hat, sleight-of-hand magic. I mean the kind of magic that can only be experienced in a safe, co-created space.


The sheer beauty of someone creating and describing their experience in such a non-judgmental and vulnerable state creates compassion in me. Then I can feel some of that towards myself.  ~Elizabeth, Floyd VA

  1. heART Journaling


  2. heART-Filled Racial Justice: Exploring Whiteness


  3. heART Filled Racial Justice: Creating a Personal Mandala

Racial Healing workshops
exploring our stories

LJ brought their own vulnerability into the process, modeling a level of creating and sharing that encouraged us all. They know how to personalize and acknowledge the discomfort, not denying or trivializing but moving with and through whatever comes up. 

~Sheila,  Putney VT

The grief that I felt when I first saw and really internalized the reality of how I had been lied to all my life, is really painful and sad. Recognizing this as a loss is really important for anybody doing racial justice work with other White people. It allows the practitioner to feel and display compassion. LJ clearly has a lot of compassion for everyone that they meet.  

~Fran, Hanover NH

LJ provided an opening to a deeper, richer experience of

something that felt more eternal and, in that way, felt transformational.

~ Richard, Framingham MA

  1. What Are We Waiting For?
    An Embodied Exploration of Stuck-ness, Release & Transformation.


  2. Reflecting on Our Collective Well-being:
    Grieving, Healing and Community


  3. Earth and Racial Justice Interconnectivity


  4. Addressing Racial Healing Among Quakers


  5. Envisioning Quaker Spaces as Racially Affirming

Liberation reading groups
reflecting together on Transformation

Most book groups are a conversation with the author's ideas. LJ creates a conversation about how the book speaks to each of our lives.  ~Sara, Olympia WA

​LJ created a dynamic of tenderness, quiet pacing and presence. In every session someone's sharing would brighten or expand my sense of connection to that well of love.  

~Cristina, Orange, MA​

  1. All About Love by bel hooks


  2. Quaking of America: An Embodied Guide to Navigating Our Nation's Upheaval and Racial Reckoning by Resmaa Menakem


  3. The Abolitionists Handbook by Patrisse Cullors

  4. Holding Change by adrienne maree brown

    Please  request a book and we'll create a group!

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